YPG launches “Martyr Çekjin Efrin Revolutionary Operation”

ANF – SERÊKANİYÊ 04.09.2013 – Western Kurdistan’s People’s Defense Units (YPG) fighters have launched an expansive operation targeting the al-Qaeda affiliated ISIS (the Islamic state of Iraq and ash-Sham) and al-Nusra Front.

According to the reports received from local sources, the “Martyr Çekjin Efrin Revolutionary Operation” targeted three headquarters of the armed gang groups in the villages of Xedean and Misefer, 5 km away from Til Koçer.

Following the attacks, YPG fighters took the control of three headquarters where they seized an antiaircraft weapon, an assault rifle and munitions of the gang groups which also lost many their militants in the YPG operation. On the other hand, separate clashes broke out between YPG and gang groups near the villages of Girhok and Yusufiye, in Girkê Legê. A number of gang members have been reported killed in clashes. 20 members of the armed groups had been killed in another operation YPG had launched in Til Xelef, the deployment area of the armed groups attacking the Kurdish Serekaniye city, on 3 September.

Following severe clashes which lasted till late into the night, YPG fighters rescued the Keşto village, located between Serekaniye and Til Xelef, from the gang groups.

On 16-17 July, YPG had also cleared Serekaniye of gang groups which are currently active in the areas bordering Turkey, in Til Xelef and Tal Abyad (Girê Spî) in Rakka city. The al-Qaeda linked gang groups, whose wounded militants are rushed to border hospitals with Turkish ambulances, are also provided with military, diplomatic and financial support by Turkey, as is confirmed by many documents and eyewitnesses.

The armed groups, also supported by some Kurdish groups and battalions affiliated to Free Syrian Army, have been launching attacks against western Kurdistan since mid July of this year. The gang groups have since committed numerous crimes against humanity by kidnapping, executing, torturing and massacring people in the Kurdish populated areas outside of western Kurdistan. The al-Qaeda linked groups kidnapped 350 civilians after attacking Kurdish neighborhoods in Rakka on 28-29 August. On 1 September, they executed three young people, who still remain unidentified, in Tal Abyad.

International community keeps remaining silent in the face of the crimes committed by the mentioned armed groups. Displaying a strong resistance against the attacks, fighters of YPG and YPJ (Women’s Defense Units) have repulsed the groups from dozens of areas in western Kurdistan so far. Dozens of villages in Tirbespiyê region alone have been rescued from jihadist groups which lost at least 160 members of theirs in clashes in the mentioned region since July. According to sources close to YPG, more than one thousand gang members have been killed since they first attacked the Kurdish region. In a statement released in August, YPG said that at least 800 members of the al-Qaeda and FSA linked groups have been killed from 16 July to 16 August.