YPG launches expansive operation against gang groups

ANF – NEWS DESK 29.08.2013 – In a written statement after the death of YPG (People’s Defense Units) Military Council member Zehreddin Eli who died in clashes in Çelaxa on Tuesday evening, YPG Headquarters said that their fighters have launched an expansive “cleaning” operation against the al-Qaeda linked armed gang groups targeting Kurds in Rojava.

YPG remarked that the operation has been launched for Zehreddin Eli (Çekjîn Efrîn) who -it underlined- died resisting against the gang groups that attempted to enter the Rojava region. YPG said that Zehreddin Eli was among the founding members of the YPG and the commander in charge of the defense of the Derik region. YPG pointed out that the operation for commander Çekjîn Efrîn and all other martyrs was aimed to clear the region of gang groups, and that it would continue until achieving its purpose. YPG Headquarters also called for mass participation in the funeral ceremony of the YPG commander.