YPG: attacks are a conspiracy of Turkish & Syrian regimes


ANF – Afrin 30.05.2013 – People’s Defense Units (YPG) Afrin Area Command released a written statement on the recent attacks targeting the region of Afrin since 25 May. YPG Area Command said the attacks were a conspiracy of the Turkish and Syrian Baath regimes.

The statement pointed out that the unity and resistance by the people of Afrin will defeat the Turkey-Syrian backed dirty games targeting the region of Rojava and Afrin in particular. YPG remarked that all political parties in the region, with the exception of the Azadi party, have recently paid a visit to the YPG office to express their solidarity with the Kurdish movement. YPG said all other peoples in Afrin have recently taken up arms and expressed their desire to defend and support the Kurdish revolution in Afrin. “We will defeat all the attacks against Afrin by means of the sense of unity Kurds have created among themselves and other peoples”, it underlined.

Remarking that the ways from Azaz and Dart Aze to Afrin have been closed to traffic recently, YPG Area Command said that “This is not a friendly nor a humane approach and those who are planning to take the control of Efrin by means of embargo are wrong, considering the fact that the province resisted against all kinds of embargos during three months last winter. Imposing an embargo on Afrin serves for nothing but increasing the reactions of the people living here”.

Referring to the recently released declaration about the alleged agreement between some armed groups attacking Afrin with an aim to break the Kurdish resistance here, YPG Area Command said that “Those who denied relation with the declaration are those who will be fighting against the planners of the conflict environment intended to be created among peoples. We believe the Syrian revolution consists of honest circles and true revolutionaries”. YPG Area Command said they had some documents revealing Turkey’ conspiracies and plans about attacks targeting Afrin, adding, “We have concrete information that Turkey has paid some Islamist groups such as Liva Tevhit, Azazdaki Liva Asifet Şimal, Liva Fatih and Devlül İslamiyê in order that they lead up to clashes between Islamist groups and Kurds in Syria. Turkey wants to take revenge on Kurds through the Srian revolution”. The statement remarked that the Syrian regime was now trying to overcome the deadlock it faced in the conflict going on in Aleppo. “The game they are playing is a very dirty one aiming to make Islamist groups and Arab people clash with Kurds. YPG has never discriminated between the peoples, parties, minorities and sects and it will continue doing so from now on as well”, the statement added.