Women issues will be discussed in a conference (Warvin)

09/10/2012 – WFW-Kirkuk: The third conference for the cities which are developing will provide their third day of the conference which is Tuesday (October 9,2012) to discuss women issues in Kirkuk province.

Sunday (October 7,2012) the third conference for the developing cities held in Kirkuk where many countries participated, its scheduled to last 5 days and discuss important issues and subjects concerning Kirkuk city.

In a statement for Warvin decision maker of Kirkuk governorate (Almas Fadhel) who is participating in the conference said “Tuesday (October 9,2012) the conference will step in to the third day and the topics which are going to be discussed will cover women issues in Kirkuk province. This conference is held annually by the United Nations for cities which are ethnically diverse. (Almas Fadhel) said that the purpose of the conference is exchange of information, working experience and living of different ethnics together peacefully.Added ” Because of the current situation of the city, women face lots of issues and violence, for this reason its decided to dedicate the third day of the conference to discuss women issues”. He also added ” large number of women will participate in this conference and we will try to focus and present the issues women face in Kirkuk province”.