WOMEN IN SOUTH KURDISTAN : No to the release of women murders under the general Amnesty Law.

Zhyan group will arrange an activity on oct.11, 2012 to stand against killing women’s and girls under the pretext of honor , cultural and tradition .it will at same time forward a letter of protest to the speakership of the parliament and council of justice. The general amnesty law number 2 of 2012 in KRG is against the principles of rights of those human beings liable to crime .it is particularly paving the road to setting all women killers free ; those whose cases are still under investigation and who are still in prisons .

And this is interference in the process of the application of justice, its also disgraces the authority of legislation in the preventions and repetition of crimes.

Zhayn group will submit a case study about amnesty law number 2of2012 in KRG and copies will be available for media.

We support reconciliation and forgiveness .But since thousands of women have being killed during the twenty years of  history of KRG and most of criminals have not  been  questioned and those who have arrested are released under the general and private amnesty .there is no impediment in front of them to make them aware of results of their crimes Their families and relatives have even been their defenders and covered their crimes as it happened in the cases of teacher sakar , Parwen , and many others .

The Thursday, Oct. 10 program is as follows:

·         10 a.m. – Calling at the parliament speakership

·        11;30 a.m. –press conference in front of the parliament building in Arbil . 

·         12:30 a.m. – Calling at the council  

Contact:    Bahar Monzer, PDA, 0770 910 2237 –  Falah Mordkhin, Wadi, 0770 158 8173

Zhyan Group 11.10,2012 – Arbil  

Falah Moradkhin –  Iraq project coordinator -WADI Organization

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