No for bargaining on the women`s rights and issues

The petition and the demands of the Zhyan group in the March 8, the International Women`s Day  

To: the (citizens, public opinion, media, civil society, political parties and all concerned parties).

     Our group will receive the March 8 differently from the manners of working of the official and non-official parties in Kurdistan region. We consider this occasion as an opportunity to shed the light on the nature of the girls` and the women`s life in Kurdistan region. At the same time we have demands for the development of women`s living and emphasizing on their rights. For this year, our group will run the March 8 ceremony under the slogan “No for bargaining on the women`s rights and issues”.

It is clear that, as compare to the other parts of Iraq, the Kurdistan region has more attention to the women`s rights, but the social nature, the traditions and the lack of the true role of the institutions to consolidate and to fasten the women`s rights and issues has always kept us in injustice circle in confrontation of bargaining, that concludes ” violence, lack of political and economical and social and scientific and equality in employment and many other deficiencies in the daily life of the women in Kurdistan region and that despite the continuous progress of the political and economic aspects, a violence and a classic society has been produced. Although the domestic violence law has been approved, the directorates of trace violence against women were opened and the Women`s High Council has established, but still the curves of the violence stats and Self-immolations and killing of the women haven`t change.

Actually, it is not easy to solve the social and cultural issues at a given time, as it is not to qualify it as a crime, not as an ordinary phenomenon, and the responsibilities will not only lies on the official and legislative institutions, but all individuals, citizens and the society all together are parts of the issues and has significant role in solving the issues and the changes, but at last, the (foundations, institutions courts, police departments, hospitals, schools, media and the mosques ) all together have an effective role and concerning to the bargaining, it is very significant if they have plans, programs and a transparent follow-up on women`s rights.

The Zhyan group will attach a number of demands to this petition. As we wish to say that in the past duration whether as a group or as activists or members in the group, we were always tried to carry out our duties and we promise to watchdog the women rights and never agree to make any bargaining whether it be by any party.



1- The execution of the article no. 8 of the domestic violence law very seriously and all courts, police stations, hospitals and all other parties to abide to that law. Though the law was released in the 21st of the last month, but unfortunately the steps in implementing that law are not up to the mark and it often being neglected.

2- enforcement of the personal status law`s articles which has been amended in the year 2008, but they would not be implemented by the courts properly. However the polygamy has been limited in this law, but it still exist and we demand it to be prohibited at once, and to bloc all the ways that let this phenomenon to continuo.

3- the general pardon laws are considered to be against the women`s issue, however the honor killing was excepted in this law, but during the implementation of this law, the women killers were freed, and we demand that these laws to be organized failry.

4- The quota of the political participation as it has executed in the parliament, we demand it to be implemented inside the government, all foundations and the employment process, as we demand the equality in job opportunity for the women and girls.

5- The gender budget must be included in the general budget and in constructing any buildings and foundations the gender plan should be drafted in the design and the content, and in the expenditures of the other sections of the budget and during the implementation of different projects, and should to emphasize on human development of the equality in gender and should be the standard for implementing and approving it.

6- Providing the equality in gender between women and men is the condition for a radical change in the education system.

7- Working systematically for a healthy social education, and separating the violence issue and the social and Cultural aspects, and criminalizing all direct and indirect suits by the pulpits whether inside the mosques of in the media.

The activities of the Zhyan group in March 8:

First: on Friday (8th/Mar/2013) at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, a demonstration will be held in Saholaka St. against the Salim St. and heads toward Parliament office, and all parties and individuals are free to write any notes, banners related to the demands of the women`s rights.

Second: routing the petition and the demands of Zhyan group for all parties, as we are asking your help for distributing and to follow-up to be implemented, and from there we will be head toward the Culture Café.

Third: organizing a free mic. And special evening about the women`s issue in the evening of the March 8 in Culture Café, and in the evening some artistic activities will be presented.

For more information about these activities, please contact Zhyan group:

Mobile: 0771 883 8508

Email: zhyangrop@gmail.com