Will Kurds attend Second Geneva Congress? / PYD

Sunday, 18 August 2013 14:30 hawarnews – QAMIŞLO –Member of Kurdish High Council Îlham Ehmed stated that some try to prevent Kurds from representing in 2nd Geneva Congress and the US insists on participation of Kurds as a member of Syrian National Coalition of Opposition that does not recognize Kurdish identity.

Ehmed stated that the council tries to independently participate in the Congress. “It will be dangerous for Kurds’ feature to join the congress as a member of the coalition.’’ she says and adds “Any meeting on Syria which does not discuss the Kurds will not be beneficial for any parts. If the Kurdish council attends we will explain the topics of the regions where the Kurds live under the Baas regime and all the ethnic and religious minorities who live with Kurds in West Kurdistan. We will try to get suggestions about what we can do in our region.”

She also answers the questions about whether Syria will be divided by Kurds and says that “The Kurdish National Congress which is expected to be held in September will not be a threat for Syria because we see that opposition in Syria cannot rule the state and we, as Kurdish High Council, will not accept division.”

Ehmed states that denial of the Kurds in the second congress will result in as the first one and they do not want this one to be like Cairo Meeting. Success of the congress depends on the attendance of the Kurds because Kurds are the most organized opposition in both West Kurdistan and Syria. She condemns the attacks of the religious groups like Al-Nusra and Islamic State of Iraq on West Kurdistan. “Unfortunately, we see that some Kurdish parts also support them. I would like to warn them once more that everybody should stop their attacks on our region and invite them to negotiate the problems.” Ehmed says.