WHY NOT ALSO IN GERMANY ? (*) – Green Party to Put Anfal on Agenda in Swedish Parliament

07/10/2012  RUDAW – STOCKHOLM, Sweden—Political parties in Sweden hold debates in September and October of each year in the Swedish parliament.

This year, the Green Party has proposed three bills related to the Kurdistan Region. Swedish politician and Green Party MP, Annika Lillemets, says, “During our visit to Kurdistan last March we suggested that the genocide of Kurds under the Anfal campaign by the former dictator Saddam Husain in 1988 should be debated in the Swedish parliament.” Green Party leaders believe that bringing the issue of genocide into parliament is very important for the Kurdish people.

“The issue is very important for Kurdistan residents and those Kurds who live abroad,” Valter Mutt a Green Party intelligence analyst says. “That is why we are determined to raise this issue and make it a priority in the Swedish parliament.”

Jaber Amin, a Green Party board member says that like any other nation, the Kurds have the right under the UN convention to decide their own future. “In my opinion this is very critical for the Kurdish people to have the chance to express their views on Kurdistan freely and the UN supervision,” Amin says. “That is why I am introducing these bills to the Swedish parliament.”


(*) Because South Kurdish Parties KDP + PUK arranged an agreement with German government not to mention it. It might disturbe business relations.