While the PUK goes to meet death – Nechirvan meets Gorran

Nechirvan Barzani Visits Gorran‌’s Main Headquarters – SLEMANI/ Iraq, KNNC – 6.2.2014 – : Nechirvan Barzani, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Deputy President and Prime Minister-designate, met Nawshirwan Mustafa, General Coordinator of the Movement for Change (Gorran) in Zargata Hill, to discuss the formation of the eighth cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the international situation of the political process in the Kurdistan Region.

Nearly five months have passed since the September 2013 KRG General Parliamentary Elections. But those that came out as winners have not yet agreed on the distribution of the post of the ministers and the parliament. The official statement from Barzani‌’s office mentioned that  “in the meeting, the two sides talked about the political process of the region and how to form a broad-based government that can serve the people of Kurdistan and regain their trust”.

The statement adds that the two sides shed light on the relationship between Gorran and the KDP and discussed how to protect co-existence, diversity and peace in all the political parties of the Kurdistan Region.  

Shamal Abdulwafa, Organizer of the Investigation Chamber of Gorran, said in a press conference that the meeting was to discuss the formation of the cabinet and the situation of Kurdistan and the neighboring countries.  “Gorran does not create obstacles for forming the cabinet and has been so flexible ever since the September 2013 Elections,” Abdulwafa added.  Gorran‌’s negotiation team in the last period has suggested three scenarios to the KDP in regards to forming the cabinet and expressed its readiness to agree on any of the scenarios that the KDP prefers. The KRG’s September 2013 General Elections changed the political balance in the region in which KPD gained 38, Gorran 24, PUK 18 of a total 111 seats. Gorran replaced the PUK in becoming the second most powerful political party.