What was said in Hewler ?

02 August 2012 – ANF – In a joint press release Barzani and Davutoğlu said the future of Syria could only be determined by the free will of Syrian people. The Turkish government seems to have failed to obtain the desired result from Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu’s meeting with Kurdish Regional Government President Massoud Barzani yesterday. Paths have crossed in Hewler as the Kurdish people have strengthened their position and become the most organized power in Syria by ensuring unity in many cities of West Kurdistan since 19 July.

As Syrian Kurds have put forward the project of a democratic autonomy in Syria, the Turkish government has warned to interfere in the situation, saying that Turkey will never allow the formation of a structure that could constitute a threat against itself. Turkish authorities and media have accused the Kurdish organization in Syria of being a ‘terrorist structure’, but the anti-Kurdish statements of the government haven’t been supported in either of the regional or international area.

The Davutoğlu-Barzani meeting in Hewler was also attended by all senior officials of the YNK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) and KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party), included Prime Minister Necivran Barzani, former PM Berhem Salih and Parliamentary Speaker of the KRG.In consideration of the joint declaration by Turkish and KRG officials after the meeting, it is understood that the meeting hasn’t met Ankara’s expectations. Did Ankara give a message to Hewler, as the Turkish media claims, or is it Hewler that gave a message to Ankara?

The joint press release underlines that the future of Syria could only be determined by the free will of Syrian people: The two politicians “emphasized their commitment to a swift peaceful political transition in Syria. They reiterated that the future of Syria should only be determined by the free will of the Syrian people.”

And “They agreed to cooperate and coordinate their efforts with a view to helping Syrian people to achieve their legitimate aspirations for a democratic, free and pluralistic Syria where all citizens will enjoy equal rights and freedoms. In the new Syria, all ethnic, religious or sectarian identities should be respected and their rights should be guaranteed and protected”.