WESTKURDISTAN: YPG (PYD) establishes third brigade in Kobanê

2012-10-12  ANF –  People’s Defense Units (YPG – PYD) in West Kurdistan has established its third brigade in the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobanê following the formation of its first and second brigades in the major Kurdish cities of Efrin and Qamishlo. In the announcement of the brigade’s establishment, YPG stated that their forces have undertaken the mission of defending people in Kobanê in the face of the danger the Baas regime constitutes against the people of Kurdistan.

The establishment of the brigade was announced with a military ceremony on October 11. The YPG declaration in Kurdish and Arabic underlined that; “Our people in West Kurdistan have been on a civil commotion since the Qamishlo uprising on 12 March 2004 and this uprising shall continue until we gain our freedom.”YPG remarked that the need for a military unit for the defense of people has become prominent in line with the developments in Syria, noting that the brigades will be defending the cities of Kobanê, Efrin and Qamishlo against the arising internal and external matters.In a speech after the announcement, martyr Sadeq Kobane’s brother Mustefa Bali pointed out that the establishment of People’s Defense Units is one of the major essentials of Democratic Autonomy.

The first brigade of YPG forces was announced in Efrin on September 14, which was followed by the establishment of the second brigade in the largest West Kurdistan city of Qamishlo on October 4. With the formation of the third brigade in Kobane, YPG stated that their forces will continue to expedite its organization and to set up brigades across West Kurdistan.