WEST KURDISTAN : YPG releases statement about recent clashes in Rojava

ANF – Qamishlo 21.09.2013 – People’s Defense Units (YPG) Press Office released a statement aboutthe last three days of fierce clashes with al-Qaeda affiliated armed groups in West Kurdistan.

YPG stated that clashes have intensified in Serêkaniyê as armed groups ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham) and al-Nusra Front launched a heavy weapon attack against the Elok village. YPG remarked that their fighters strongly responded to the armed groups which -it added- had intended to take the Elok village and to break the connection between the cities of Serêkaniyê and Tirbespiyê.

YPG added that the heavy weapon attacks of the gang groups were being launched by their professional units recently brought from Deyr Ezor and Rakka. YPG remarked that the Turkish state has also supported the al-Qaeda linked groups by opening its border crossings to these groups and enabling them to go through the Kurdish region from Turkish border territory. YPG said their fighters still continued to protect their territory and to repulse the attacks by the gang groups.

According to YPG, 60 gang members have been killed in clashes in the region and seven YPG fighters have lost their life in the village of Elok, including two who were killed as a result of the fire opened by Turkish soldiers from a border post in Urfa’s Akçakale district. Also giving information about clashes in Tal Abyad (Girê Spî), YPG said that ISIS and al-Nusra continued their attacks on the region. “The Turkish state which openly provides support to these attacks wants to surround the villages of Kobanê from two sides, with the villages of Mehmûdiyê, Sewami Xefiye and Sûsik facing violent attacks by the armed groups in recent days”, YPG said and added that dozens of gang members have been killed in the last three days of fierce clashes in the region. YPG noted that some collaborative Kurdish brigades were also involved in the attacks against the Kurdish region, such as the Emin El Muslimin brigade joining the Free Syrian Army (FSA) units in Aleppo and the Emin El-Sewra brigade joining the ISIS in heavy weapon attacks targeting civilians.

Referring to the clashes in Tirbespiyê region, YPG said that ISIS and al-Nusra Front had to withdraw from the villages of Taya, Mazlûma and Mihemed Diyab after suffering a heavy defeat in clashes with YPG fighters. YPG ended its statement by repeating its call to the Syrian Kurdish National Council (Encumena Nîþtîmanî ya Kurdî li Sûriyeyê-ENKS) to adopt an attitude towards the attacks against Kurds in Rojava.