WEST KURDISTAN (SYRIA): Organizations Supporting Transitional Govt Plan / Only PUK is out !

1 – Syriac Union Party (operates a militia in Qamishli with support of PYD) – 2 – Syriac Youth Union. 3 – Syriac Cultural Association. 4- Syriac Women’s Union.

5- Syriac Academics Union. 6- National Coordination Committee . 7- Syrian National Bloc. – 8- Arabic National Commission. – 9- Communist Labor Party.

10- Kurdish Left Party. (KNC)

11- Kurdistan Democratic Party (KNC?)

12- Kurdish Democratic Left Party (KNC?)

13- Kurdish National Democratic Gathering in Syria (not sure if its a KNC-member)

14- Kurdish Peace Democratic Party (not sure if its a KNC-member)

15- Kurdistan Liberal Union  (not sure if its a KNC-member)

16- Kurdish Syrian Democratic Party (KNC?)

17- The Star Union .

18- Syrian Women ‘s Initiative.

19- Human Rights Activists of Western Kurdistan.

20- Civil Peace Committee .

21- Democratic Union Party (PYD).

2- Shoresh Organization of Women.

23- Management of the Diplomatic Relations of Western Kurdistan.

24- People’s Council of Western Kurdistan.

25- Kurdistan Democratic Party in Syria.

26- Organization of the State for the Society and Citizenship.

27- Sarah Organization for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

28- Syria’s Future Youth Gathering .

29- Communist Party of Kurdistan.

30- Movement of Democratic Society.

31- Supreme Kurdish Council.

32- Center of the Strategic Studies.

33- Kurdish Students Confederation.

34- Revolutionary Youth Movement.

35- Young Woman Revolutionary Movement.

Some of these Kurdish parties are a member of the KNC, but strangely the party supported by Jalal Talabani is not included. For unknown reasons, the PUK’s proxy party decided to back the decision to join the Syrian National Coalition.

Source: http://welati.info/nuce.php?ziman=ar&id=11247&niviskar=1&cure=3&kijan