Turks in Afrin: How Does It End?  – By Ambassador James Jeffrey

15 March 2018 – Turkish forces are reportedly poised to enter the embattled city of Afrin in northwest Syria, the culmination of a two-month-old campaign against Syrian Kurdish militia. But it’s not clear what Turkey sees as a victory, according to Amb. James Jeffrey, former U.S. Ambassador to Turkey and Iraq. He offers a way for the U.S. and Turkey to secure a compromise: • “The Afrin campaign…complicates the extremely dangerous situation in Syria— with multiple conflicts involving the U.S., its allies Turkey and Israel, a loose Russia-Syria-Iran coalition, and local actors such as ISIS and the Syrian Kurdish militia.”

  • “Turkey, for understandable reasons, considers the [Syria’s main Kurdish party] PYD – and its YPG militia, aka ‘People’s Protection Units’ – to be an arm of the Turkish Kurdistan Worker’s Party or PKK. The PKK has fought for Kurdish independence inside Turkey since 1984 – and also has had off-and-on close relations with the Assad regime.”
  • “Turkey insists Afrin is only the first step to cleansing the entire northern border of PYD/YPG elements, but this is unrealistic. It would mean a huge conflict with millions of Kurds with impact on Turkey’s own Kurds, a possibly violent break with the U.S., and likely opposition from Russia.”

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