WEST KURDISTAN (SYRIA) : Kurdish Divisions

Democratic Kurdish Party: Better To Exclude Azadi From Supreme Kurdish Council

Syrian Democratic Kurdish Party Sheikh Jamal says it’s better to exclude Azadi party from Supreme Kurdish Council and says there are two different opinions within the Kurdish National Council (that recently met Barzani). Earlier before a PYD-official Issa Hissou said they did not participate in the meetings, since it was meant to solve internal differences in the KNC.

Moreover, he said the inspection of a KNC-delegation in Syria by the YPG was normal, since even Barzani is subjected by checks of the Asayish [in KRG?]. A member of KDP-S said they only want armed units under the name of the Supreme Kurdish Council and denied KDP has militias although they would defend themselves if necessary. Another, Kurdish leftist party head says that there are some Syrian Kurdish parties that have militia, but they cannot be taken seriously.

http://www.welati.info/nuce.php?ziman=ar&id=7283&niviskar=1&cure=5&kijan=  / Courtesy: Transnational Middle East Observer