WEST KURDISTAN (SYRIA) : Fifteen killed in clashes in Afrin

ANF – AFRİN 13.06.2013  – Fifteen militants of armed groups were killed in clashes with People’s Defense Units (YPG) in the town of Şera, in Afrin, in western Kurdistan.

Clashes in the area broke out after the Elfirsan battalion, affiliated to Free Syrian Army (FSA), attacked the village of Mereske on Monday. The attack of the armed groups was responded by YPG fighters responsible for providing the security of the Kurdish population in the region. Clashes spread to the village of Mezra.

According to the reports from local sources, fifteen militants of the armed group were killed and many others were wounded in clashes going on in the village of Mereske for the last two days. Local people in the mainly Kurdish and Arab village of Kefer Meze are also supporting YPG fighters during clashes with the armed group. On the other hand, hundreds of people gathered in front of the People’s Assembly in Afrin, calling for support for YPG fighters in responding to the attacks by armed gang groups. Around 200 people joined YPG forces, taking up arms and promising fight against potential attacks.