WEST KURDISTAN SAMPLER III : Rare Interview Tehseen Memmo Brigade

5.4.2013 – Rare interview with the small Tehseen Memmo brigade claiming they are independent and just support KNC and that they were formed to create a balance.

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The Syrian Free Army imposing taxes on refugees in Sheik Magsood neighborhood

Friday, 05 April 2013 15:55 hawarnews – MESOP – Afrin- after the shelling  carried out by the Syrian regime on al Sheik Magsood  neighborhood in Aleppo  and which is still continuing ,some battalions that belong to Syrian Free Army exploit this situation by imposing fines and taxes on refugees who wants to move their goods from Sheik Magsood  to Afrin.

A number of traders and industrialists who fled because of the shelling to Efrin assured that some battalions belonging to Syrian Free Army imposed taxes on them as a condition of moving their goods .

 According to Abdo Ibrahim who has a supermarket in al Sheik Magsood neighborhood said “after we displaced to Afrin ,we  came back to Sheik Magsood neiboghhood in order to move our  goods ;however those battalions whose leader is Khalid Hayani imposed twenty thousand pounds on us a condition of allowing us to move our goods to Efrin, and when we asked  them about the reason of taxes they insulted us .” “the armed group whose leader is Khalid Hayani and that belong to  Syrian Free Army imposed forty thousand pounds on me  as a tax because I wanted to move sewing machines from Sheik Magsood to Efrin,”said Ali Mansoor . It worth to say that the Syrian Free Army is  silent towards such offenses of  those battalions that follow the commands of Kahlid Hayani who is well known for his loving money .