WEST KURDISTAN : ISIS Blows Up YPG’s ‘Apostate’ Houses in Yusfiya

    “Hasakah: A martyr blows up an apostate YPG checkpoint in Tel Ma’ruf, killing and wounding dozens”     “Raqqa: Fending off a convoy belonging to the Aḥfad al-Faransa (deriding Aḥfad al-Rasul) brigades coming from Aleppo and towards Raqqa, stopping it in the town of Tabqa’

    “Hasakah: Demolition of YPG apostate partisans houses in village of Yusufiya after its capture, as a lesson to them and their forces’. The village was captured near the border. A video showed a captured YPG checkpoint. The village was most likely populated by mainly Arabs and it’s near the border crossing near the Iraqi border (Rabia).

Translation help by Aymenn J Al-Tamimi @ajaltamimi. – Posted by Wladimir van Wilgenburg