WEST KURDISTAN : Fighting Continues in Tel Ebyad Countryside

Fighting continues in Tel Abyad (Kurdish: Girê Sipî), Ar-Raqqah Governorate, Syria between Kurdish groups and Islamist armed non-state actors. The area is closed to the Akçakale border crossing. The YPG claimed to have captured the village of Kur Hiso, 7 KM from Tel Ebyad and put up checkpoints to protect the village which extend from Al Jurn village to Al Sukariya where militant groups linked to Nusra are based (4kms from Kur Hiso).

They say they killed 26 rival combatants. In the meanwhile, the regime airforce bombed the Al-Sukariya school where allegedly a number of internally displaced stay which killed one civilian (name Ahmed Salman). This was also confirmed by Yekiti media. Earlier before, Ahrar al-Sham claimed they captured the villages of Al-Yabiseh, Tal Fandar, Tal Akhdar, Al Sukariya from ‘PKK aggressors’ and called on Kurds and Arabs to go back to their homes. Yesterday, SOHR claimed fighting was taking place in Tal Sweilih, Yabsa, Tal Akhdar, Sekeriya and Khirbet San and Tal Fandar. Jahbat al-Akrad said in a statement that they started the ‘campaign to liberate Tel Ebyad’ on 23 July killing more than 30 Islamists (which cannot be confirmed by independent sources). They claim they will control the area within 12 hours. Many civilians flee to Ayn al-Arab (Kobani) and Turkey. See a better map at Wikimapia.