Wave of mass arrests in eastern Kurdistan; preventing all civil activities & the press

ANF  – 14.3.2013 –  Recent reports confirm that the number of arrests of Kurdish civilians and journalists by the Iranian intelligence agencies has dramatically risen. News say that in the last 10 days tens have been arrested in this regard.

Mesoud and Xosrow Kordpour, two journalist brothers and two of Mokrian news agency directors, are among the arrested, in Mehabad. Intelligence agencies of the Islamic Republic arrested Xosrow Kordpour after invading his house, cursing him and confiscate some of his personal belongings. These two brothers were previously arrested and imprisoned for political reasons; it is believed that, this time, they might be accused with reporting about prisoners and activities of human rights.Qasem Ehmedi is also one of the newly arrested journalists in Mehabad. He was called to the intelligence office on March 6th, and apprehended.Qasem Ehmedi is a master in Political Science and has been working as director of Rojev journal.

On the other hand, in recent days a wave of arrests have been witnessed in Pawe. On March 9th, five cultural activists from Pawe named, Qane Hatemi, Mohammed Negari, Babek Ebbasi, Mo’tasem Shafei, and Jehanbexsh Ehmedi, were arrested by the intelligence office agents. Moreover, some of their personal belongings such as their manuscript papers and personal computers were confiscated for further investigation. Also, two cultural activists named Dawoud Ghefari and Keyhan Ezizi were arrested after Pawe’s Lead Prayer sued them for releasing notices of condolences in Kurdish. Furthermore, some reports indicate that, in recent days, other people named Ferdin Resouli, Bextiar Resouli, Settar Ehmedi, Moxtar Ehmedi, and Yaser Kakaei were arrested for unknown reasons.

Therefore, an estimated total of 12 people have been arrested in Pawe, in recent days.

Similarly, five other citizens named Mohemmed Sohrabi, Nasser Nematxahd, Kamran Osmani, Shehab Ehmedi-azer, and Yousef Hajixosh have been arrestede in Neqedeh (Naghadeh).

Oshnevieh has not been an exception for the recent attacks of Islamic Republic’s security forces; two citizens named Qader Dastan and Rehim Ftouhi have been transferred to intelligence office’s detention centers, by the government forces. At the same time, one day before the 8th of March, Women’s International Day, Coordination Committee for helping stablishment of Workers Unions’ website, has reported the arrest of some of its members. Their names were Eli Azadi, Vefa Qaderi, Seyyed Xalid Hosseini, Behzad Ferejollahi, and Hemid Mehmoudnejad, and they were all arrested in the early hours of the morning in their private residence.

Some reports indicate that the wave of arrests has also swept over the religious characters and activists and a number of Kurdistan Province citizens have been arrested for ideological charges. Along with this mass arrest, cases of three Kurdish political prisoners, sentenced to execution, have been transferred to the Center of Sentence Implementation of Urmia; thus, increasing worries regarding their execution. Ebrahim Eisapour, Sirwan Njavi, and Saman Nesim, are the names of these three death-sentenced prisoners who were arrested in 2012 (1390) in Serdesht, Meriwan, and Kerej by the intelligence agencies and, to admit that they were cooperating with Kurdish political parties, they were brutally tortured.

In the meantime, in a rare move, Eli Ehmed Suleyman, another Kurdish political prisoner having completed his sentence in Urmia Prison, was sentenced to death by the Court of Enqelab.

Originally from south Kurdistan, Eli Ehmed Suleyman had been sentenced to five years in prison for joining PJAK, and later sentenced to one year imprisonment for communicating with Ehmed Shehid and the overseas media from inside prison. During these six years has repeatedly been tortured and stressed by Iran revolutionary (Sepah) intelligence agencies. Currently, there are at least 28 death-sentenced Kurdish political and ideological prisoners in political prisons of the Islamic Republic who are threatened by the execution of their sentences. Here are the names of these prisoners: Hebibellah Letifi, Reshid Axkendi, Mostefa Selimi, Sherko Mearefi, Smko Xorshidi, Sirwan Njavi, Ibrahim Isapour, Saman Nesim, Rzgar Efshari, Eli Efshari, Hebibellah Golperipour, Zanyar Moradi, Loqman Moradi, Housheng Rezaie, Reza Esmaeli, Behruz Alxani, Bextiyar Meemari, Hamed Ehmedi, Behram Ehmedi, Kemal Molayi, Esger Rehimi, Behnam Rehimi, Jahangir Dehqani, Mohemmed Reza Behmeni, Jemshid Dehqani, Keywan Zend Kerimi and Hoshyar Mohemmedi.