WATCH VIDEO : Village in Tel Ebyad Bombed by Assad Planes / Assad / PYD Cooperation ?

11.8.2013 – Video of an aftermath of regime bombing in a village near Tel Abyaḍ. 5 civilians were killed. Interestingly, the official PYD website claimed Assad’s bombing of targets in Raqqah in which dozens of civilians were killed didn’t target ISIS, but only FSA. This is similar to secular FSA discourse that claims there are link between Al Qaida proxies and Assad. While the uploader of the Tel Ebyad video claims the bombing of the village shows YPG-Assad cooperation.

    al-Raqqa: The death of four civilians from the village of al-Jalbeh has been verified; a man and his three sons, after their house has been targeted by regime airforces in the province of Tal Abyad. Regime airforces have carried out a strike on the village of al-Jalbeh where it has targeted homes with a number of shells, with reports of four civilian deaths.

Aymenn J Al-Tamimi @ajaltamimi  – (H/T @vvanwilgenburg), a pro-PYD news site implies Assad regime bombings deliberately avoid ISIS targets: …#Syria

4:14 PM – 11 Aug 2013

@mela_ehmed  – Tel Ebyad’ın batısındaki bazı köyler Rejim tarafından bombalandı. El Qaide bunu Esad’ın PYD’ye yardımı diye yorumluyor

5:45 PM – 11 Aug 2013