WASHINGTON POST : Kurdish Conference A Positive Sign From The Middle East?

23.8.2013 – The Washington Post sees the upcoming Kurdish National Conference to be held in September after years of Kurdish divisions as a positive sign. It will remain a question mark if they will be able to meet with Kurdish parties having different interests and policies (some aligning more to Turkey, and others more to Iran).

    4) The main Kurdish groups will meet for the first time Kurdish people primarily live in four different countries – Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran – and are thus represented by separate groups that have separate priorities and sometimes very different politics. That’s one of several reasons why, even though there are a lot of Kurds, they tend to have little political power and are not always treated well. So it was a good sign for Kurds when 40 different Kurdish groups announced Tuesday that they would all meet for a major summit in September. A Syrian Kurdish leader told Radio Free Europe that the conference, to be held in the Iraqi city of Erbil, was a “dream of all Kurds everywhere and is going to bring us closer as parties across the region.”


    It is understood that the Congress could take place on 15-16-17 September.