Washington does not want war between Iraq and Kurdistan: Kurdish MP

BAGHDAD, shafaaq.com  17.12.2012 –  The independent Deputy in the Kurdistan Alliance confirmed on Saturday, that the United States does not want the outbreak of fighting between Erbil and Baghdad, while hinted that Turkey want to aggravate the situation between the two parties to have a role in Iraq.

Dr Mahmoud Othman said, that “the United States does not want the outbreak of fighting anywhere else, especially in Iraq, between the Iraqi army and the Peshmerga forces, because they are busy in monitoring the situation in Syria, as well as their immersion in the war in Afghanistan “.

A diplomatic source has revealed earlier that the crisis issue between Baghdad and Erbil is of the main issues was discussed during the U.S. delegation meeting with Maliki that visited Iraq recently, noting that the delegation informed Maliki on the need to make a truce choice with Kurdistan, on the grounds that the region cannot afford further conflicts.

“Turkey may want to aggravate the situation and escalate problems between Baghdad and Erbil,” noting that” Turkey wants to weaken Iraq and Kurdistan region together to have a role in Iraq in general.” Othman added that “the initiative of President Talabani is a temporary solution related to field work and there should be a definitive solution to prevent more escalation between Erbil and Baghdad.”

He added that “the initiative of President Talabani and his Vice President was hoped to stop the media campaigns between Baghdad and Erbil in preparation to meet the competent military parties as there will be an attempt to put the basis to maintain security in these areas.” The Office of the Presidency of the Republic, had announced on Thursday that President, Jalal Talabani set Sunday as a date to begin commitment to his recent initiative. Talabani revealed a consolidation agreement by the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and President Barzani of Kurdistan Region that stipulates stopping all media campaigns exchanged between the two sides because of the recent crisis.