Victoria Nuland: United States’ support for Turkey’s peace talks with the PKK

13.1.2013 – SABAH – The Spokesman for the U.S. Department of State Victoria Nuland announced the United States’ support for Turkey’s peace talks with the PKK on Thursday.

Responding to a question at a daily press conference, U.S. Department of State Victoria Nuland stated that the U.S. believes that talks between the Turkish government and the leader of the PKK terrorist organization Abdullah Öcalan, who is being held in a penitentiary on İmralı Island, were a positive development.

Nuland went on to remind that for awhile now they have been expressing the desire to see the Turkish government handle the issue with its Kurdish nationals with a wider approach.

Nuland stated, “Overall, we believe the talks are a positive development. We encourage Turkey to handle the issue of domestic terrorism by making contact with the Kurds and other marginalized communities and to approach the issue from various angles and in a comprehensive manner.” When asked if the Turkish government has made contact with the U.S. requesting any form of assistance relating to the talks, Nuland said that the Turkish government has been keeping the US informed of developments. Expressing that the United States stands by Turkey in their fight against the PKK, Nuland stated, “We continue to offer Turkey our support on these matters. We are always interested in any progress Turkey makes against the PKK.” Responding to a related question, Victoria Nuland also said the U.S. is open to any demands from the Turkish government for support.