Urgent Appeal for victims of the Syrian war

By Dr Jawad Mella: Kurdish Refugees

The situation in Syria is catastrophic and getting worse by the day: Especially for the refugees fleeing from Aleppo (Ashrafiya and Sheikh Maqsud) to the Efrin area and from the Qamishli area to the Domiz camp.

The number of refugees fleeing the brutal conflict in Syria has passed a million and is still growing. Host communities are stretched to saturation point, while desperate families in Syria have to sleep in shifts because there aren’t enough tents to accommodate them all at night.

Dr Jawad Mella, chairman of  the Western Kurdistan Association, has recently returned from a fact-finding visit to fellow Kurds in refugee camps within the borders of both Syria and Iraq.

The Western Kurdistan Association, based in London, has been assisting Kurdish refugees since 1987.

Any individual or organisation that would like to assist with the Syrian Kurdish refugee to please contact on 0208 748 7874 or by email at info@westernkurdistan.org.uk

Many thanks for your donations.

From the UK: Bank Name: Barclays-London – Account name: Western Kurdistan Association – Account number: 20951188 – Bank Code: 203590

International Bank Account Number: GB07 BARC 2035 9020 951188