Update Syrian Kurds: Raids On Rural Areas Near Qamishli / Chemical weapons used in Aleppo ?

REUTERS  – 15.4.2013 – It seems that the Free Syrian Army attacking regime positions near Qamishli stopped after bombardments by the regime. It could be that the attacks are a warning to Kurdish political parties. But this is just speculation from my side. However, every time when the YPG coordinated or cooperated with FSA in Aleppo, bombardments by Syrian war planes increased.

Chemical weapons used against Kurds in Aleppo? Sources claimed that canisters with a phosphorous type chemical, causing Sarin-like symptoms were used in Sheikh Maqsoud on 13 April. Eleven civilians were killed when a Syrian warplane bombed a Kurdish village in the oil-producing province of Hasaka in northeastern Syria on Sunday [near Tirbespi]. A statement by the Kurdish National Council said the attack was a “serious escalation by the regime” following a series of raids on rural areas near Qamishli, where fighting between rebel brigades and President Bashar al-Assad’s military has intensified in the last week –

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