Unofficial Account of Nusra Reacts to PYD

I and all teams that representing as the International observer media of  Syrian Islamic Revolution have stated that the statement of PYD @pydinfo that says “Jabhat Al Nusrah and   Islamic State of Iraq and Sham as Islamic fundamentalism in Syria” is not right.

 Once again, we are as the Muslim Ummah that lives in various countries ie Australia, Palestine, Indonesia, Malaysia, UK and Philipine have made our official statement in response to deny the statement of YPG which categorized as a disruption to the mission of the re-establishment our Khilafah Islamiyah that carried out by Al-Qaeda: Jabhat Al Nusrah,  Islamic State of Iraq and Sham, and all Islamic Factions.

We even accepts the humiliation from PYD supporters who says “we don’t have right to support the Syrian Islamic revolution”.  While we are as Muslim, believes Sham is belong to Islam, we say no to nationalism and tribalism, we say yes to Khilafah. Our teams that have reached Syria only have seen the good things from Al-Qaeda: Jabhat Al Nusrah and Islamic State of Iraq and Sham, the bad thing is belong to the human error, InshaAllah the good thing is  belong to the organization by the will of ALLAH SWT.

This statement was made based on thousands  of real voices from fellow Muslims. International voices of one Ummah.

 “And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together

    and do not become divided…” (Quran Al Imran : 103)    @jabhatalnusrah