Unification : Yasar Kemal demands unity between Turks & Kurds

MESOP 18.6.2013 – The Turkey Kurdish world known novelist Yasar Kemal asked for unity among Kurds and Turks and said the two people should accept they have made mistakes against each other before. “My heart has always been with you. The world is a flowerbed with thousands of colorful flowers each having its own scent.”

It’s impossible to forget the beauty of other flowers, colors and scents for the sake of one flower,” Kemal said in a message sent to Diyarbakir Unity and Solution Congress that aims to pave ways for Turkey-Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) peace talks.

The author of Memet the Hawk, his masterpiece, added all languages need teaching, books, and scientific academy, asking all people to respect “all colors and scents of culture garden.”

He further added Turkey people should try to heal old wounds and atrocities made due to vicious wars imposed on people and confronted them against each other. However, there is no pain and problem that cannot be solved through political, democratic tools, he added, stressing that deadlock and misery has been imposed and ultimately divided people. “But it was only Kurds and Turks fraternity that withstood heart and soul,” he further said. Kemal pointed finger at racism as the main mistake that drove Turkey towards hostility to democracy and thinking, stressing that the next generations “would not forgive us if we don’t take steps against racial thoughts.”