Two Kurdish ISIS Fighters Die in Raqqa

9-3-2014 – Two Iraqi Kurdish fighters of ISIS died in fighting with the regime in Raqqah. Most likely they fought against division 17 army base in Raqqah. Jihadists on the social media were complaining about a lack of attention for the situation in Raqqah.    The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs announced that two youths from Halabja, in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region, who moved to Syria last August, have been killed during clashes between Al Nusra Front and Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

    “Two cousins, a 21 and 23 years old have been killed in Raqqah, amid fierce fighting between Al Nusra Front and Assad’s army”, said Mariwan Naqishbandi, the ministry spokesman.

    According to Naqishbandi 30 Iraqi Kurds, of which approximately 50% from Halabja, have been killed while fighting in Syria. The number of young men going to Syria from Iraqi Kurdistan has increased in the past two months.  “Like most of them have done, the two youths went to Syria without informing their families,” added Naqishbandi.  Naqishbandi suggests that the KRG announce a general amnesty for the young Kurds who have gone to Syria as a large number of them have expressed a desire to return to Kurdistan. However, due to security reasons, they will not be able to return.