Turkish soldiers in early morning raid on Roboski

ANF – Roboski 19.01.2014 – The village of Roboski, in Uludere district of Şırnak province, was raided at around 5 am this morning.

7 people were taken into custody, amongst them Servet Encü and Kerem Enc, who survived the attack on 28 December 2011 in which 34 people died. It is reported that the soldiers also beat many of the inhabitants. The troops raided houses in the village, ransacking them during searches.

When the soldiers attempted to detain Kerem Enc, his son, Yılmaz Enc, resisted and he, too, was detained. The names of those arrested are as follows: Faruk Encü, Kerem Enc, Yılmaz Enc, Hikmet Alma, Cevher Üren, Celal Encü, Servet Encü. It is reported they were taken to the Gülyazı Brigade Command, while many others are being sought.

During a protest against the building of a “security road” on 15 January many soldiers fled, leaving their weapons and ammunition behind. With the onset of darkness they left in 5 or 6 military vehicles, also leaving behind provisions and sleeping bags. The people then damaged the materials left behind by the soldiers.

On returning the soldiers found the weapons they had left behind in two different areas. It is thought today’s raid is related to the “security road” protest and the damaging of the equipment left in the village by the soldiers.