The “Islamic flag” is another name for Turkish imperialism.

A lot of Kurds, among them this writer, were less than impressed when the Kurdish leader offered a roadmap, Missak-i Milli, which translates as “National Pact,” and made a sympathetic reference to the “Islamic flag” as a way out of the age-old Kurdish struggle for freedom. He even declared a river in Kurdistan, the Tigris, as a sister of a river in Turkey, the Sakarya.

Has Erdogan now taken up where Ataturk left off, trying to gobble up new Kurdish lands under a new “Islamic flag” with the help of a Kurdish prisoner, an old Marxist, as a Judas goat? Is this the hidden part of the “peace” plan—the fine print in the devil’s contract—of the Turkish prime minister, the sultan wannabe of Turkey?

Kani Xulam