Turkish, Iranian intelligence agencies work in “close collaboration”

ANKARA – Hürriyet – 29-11-2013 – The Iranian Ambassador to Ankara has emphasized the close cooperation between Turkish and Iranian intelligence services at a meeting, offering Turkey a mediation to mend ties with the Syrian regime.

Meeting with the diplomacy reporters in Ankara, Iranian Ambassador Ali Reza Bikdeli said that the Iranian Intelligence service MOIS worked in “close collaboration” with Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT).

Bikdeli highlighted the importance of this collaboration for the region’s security and even for global security. Iran could use all its means to help Turkey mend its relations with the regime of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, he added. The Iranian envoy has announced a number of principles concerning Syria that the Turkish and Iranian foreign ministers have agreed to cooperate on during the recent visit of Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu to Tehran, including working for a peaceful solution and providing humanitarian aid. Bikdeli has also acknowledged that the “Kurdish issue” has a regional aspect therefore should be solved after consulting with the country’s neighbors.