TÜSIAD Chair Yılmaz said they planned to hold a summit in Cizre, in consideration of a region that has been badly affected by the terror, and in order to strengthen and embrace the financial pillar of the peace talks. He said they saw the ongoing peace process as a significant step in Turkey’s democratization process and added that a resolution to the Kurdish issue would be the beginning of a new development process. “

The Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (TÜSİAD) plans to hold a business summit in Cizre district of Şırnak on June 25, TÜSİAD Chairman Muharrem Yılmaz said May 30 at a meeting in Ankara.

As TÜSİAD, we aim to strengthen the financial leg of the resolution process, we plan to hold a business summit in Cizre, which has been severely damaged by terror,” Yılmaz said. The business supremo said the summit would help clarify plans on how the southeastern region of the country could be developed. “We will announce projects that may kickstart an investment boost in the region during the summit.”

He said all parts of society and all institutions had responsibility for development and democracy, “in order to leave violence and terror out of the country’s agenda.”The TÜSİAD also noted that international credit rating institutions had increased Turkey’s grades in accordance with the resolution process.