Turkey’s Syrian border closed for journalists

ANF – Ceylanpınar 18.07.2013 – Turkish military has forbidden journalists to cover the events on Serekaniye/Ceylanpınar border where the control was seized by YPG units yesterday following three days of clashes with Al Qaeda affiliated Al Nusra Front.

A group of local and foreign journalists who went to Ceylanpınar to cover the events were denied access to the border area on Thursday. The group, yet before leaving the train station in Ceylanpınar, was warned by a Turkish colonel who, accompanied by a group of soldiers, said journalists would not be allowed into the area and asked them to leave the region as immediate as possible. In response to the journalists’ objection, the colonel threatened the press workers with forcibly taking them out of the region if need be. Some of the press workers have left the area.