TURKEY: Top national security meeting focuses on “solution process”

26 June 2013 – JTW – National Security Council conference dealt with the initiative for ending terror, as well as recent protests and rising violence in Iraq, a statement said.

Turkey’s National Security Council (MGK) gathered on Tuesday, where the president, a group of ministers and the chief of staff laid down the country’s security agenda.The initiative to end PKK terrorism in Turkey, recent nationwide demonstrations and the violent attacks that took place on Tuesday in Iraq were the issues of primary concern, according to a statement after the meeting. On the initiative, “the measures necessary for the process to be so developed as to provide a permanent atmosphere of security and trust have been discussed,” the statement said. Separately, the Council expressed “deep sadness” at the death of Iraqi Turkmen Front Deputy Head Ali Hasim Muhtaroglu, who was killed in a suicide attack in the city of Salah al-Din on Tuesday. The statement said the Council also discussed Reyhanli twin bombings on May 11, Turkey’s efforts to host Syrians fleeing the civil war, as well as the Middle East peace process.