Turkey receives Nechirvan Barzani

30 October 2013 – Shafaq News / The Turkish government announced on Wednesday that receiving the President of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Ankara is an evidence of the extent of progress in relations with Erbil, considering Kurdistan as an entrance to all parts of Iraq and the Middle East is also the same gateway for Kurdistan to the world.

The statements come on the eve of the upcoming visit, which is due to be paid by Barzani to Ankara on Thursday, by an official invitation from the Turkish government , which is one of the rare statements released by Turkey calling Kurdistan as a Region frankly as it used to call it as the northern Kurdish area of Iraq, according to observers, It is also an evidence to how this country has changed it look to Kurdish nationalism both outside or inside Turkish territory.

KRG statement said on Wednesday, reportedly for ” Shafaq News” , that” Turkish consulate started in the presence of President of KRG , Nechirvan Barzani on Tuesday evening , a ceremony to mark the ninetieth anniversary for the establishment of the Turkish Republic , in the Hall of Rotana Hotel in the capital, Erbil. The statement noted that the Turkish consul to Kurdistan Region, Mohammed Akef delivered a speech during the ceremony , which was attended by Dr.Fuad Hussein, President of Kurdistan Regio’s office , Falah Mustafa, head of the Department of Foreign Relations , a number of ministers in the government of the region and representatives of political parties and Kurdish political forces , which welcomed the President of KRG and the guests. The statement added that Akef emphasized the progress of relations between Kurdistan and Turkey day after day and the proof is his reception of the President of KRG, Nechirvan Barzani on Thursday. Turkish Consul confirmed that there are currently more than 1300 Turkish companies operating in Kurdistan region in various fields, pointing out that the Turkish consulate doors are constantly open to citizens of Kurdistan Region, as reported in the statement.