Turkey has not sold a drop of Kurdish oil: official

27-2-2104 – Kurdpress – Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Spokesman Saffin Dezaee stated Turkey has not sold even a drop of the Kurdish region’s sent oil to the country.

Speaking with Anadolu news agency Dezaee denied any Kurdish oil selling by Turkey and said Ankara will not sell the oil until an agreement will be inked between the governments of Erbil and Baghdad, adding that the region is seeking to make an accord with the central government. We have offered our bids to Baghdad and are waiting to see Baghdad’s reaction to them. Due to the disputes 2014 budget issue has remained unsolved and we all hope the tensions end as soon as possible, he went on to say. Dezaee further added Baghdad has refrained from paying the salaries of the Kurdish region’s clerks and the move “ means clear breach of law and legality.”