Tuğluk: KCK operation is a blow to hope for peace

10 December 2012 –  ANF – DTK co-chair said KCK operation strong blow against Kurdish people’s recently increasing hope for the re-start of negotiations.

In a written statement on recent detentions in Mardin, Batman and Siirt where 87 people were arrested in the scope of a new “KCK” (Kurdistan Communities Union) operation led by the Public Prosecutor of Diyarbakır, Democratic Society Congress (DTK) co-chair Aysel Tuğluk evaluated the operation as an unrestrained attack revealing the ruling AKP regime’s grudge and panic psychosis.

Tuğluk said the followings addressing the authorities of the Turkish state; “Now that they have failed to downgrade the Kurdish movement in the political area, they assume they will be able to make an end of it by means of made-up cases and destruction operations in a legal camouflage. They hope to make Kurds kneel down by adding new ones to 10 thousand jailed Kurdish prisoners every day. However, all these plans of the state, to exclude Kurds from politics and to finish them by putting them in prison, reveal the fact that the state is following a wrong equation in respect to the Kurdish problem”. Tuğluk evaluated the operation as the a strong blow against Kurdish people’s recently increasing hope for the re-start of negotiations and development of a democratic solution as a consequence of the hunger strike by Kurdish political prisoners. The protest by ten thousand inmates ended on 18 November, on the 68th day, after Kurdish Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s call for an urgent end to the strike. Tuğluk criticized mainstream media’s attitude concerning the arrests of Kurdish politicians and added that the Kurdish people have the power to defeat this improper concept and attack. Tuğluk ended the statement calling on democratic public to support the struggle of the Kurdish people and to break the silence.