TORTURE & DEATH : Kurdish rights organization demanding international community to lift the siege on the Meslemih prison

8 June 2013  hawarnews -Aleppo-A number of members and representatives of Kurdish Rights Organizations have demanded, of the international community to act immediately, to lift the siege on al-Meslemih prison in the city of Aleppo.  

Where the prisoners still suffer of the tragic situations because of the siege that  imposed on them, and lack of water and food, result of the clashes, between the Free Syrian Army and Government Forces, which 100 were killed  and 75 of them were buried in a mass grave.  

To find out the role to all of Institution and Human Rights Organization, about what happened to the detainees, in the prison of al-Meslemih in Aleppo city. Hawar News Agency has met number of lawyers in the city of Derbassiyh, where Khalid Ibrahim a human right activist, and a member of the organization of \MAD\for human rights, in his speech, assured us,” that the clashes that happed around the central prison of Aleppo, between the free Syrian army and government forces, it is direct violation to detainees’ rights, that  all the international laws reject it.

“I appeal all human rights organization and all institutions, to stop the fighting and lift the imposed siege on the prison,” Ibrahim added. The lawyer Zozan Dhdo also drew appeal to all human rights organizations, to take immediate actions, to ensure the rights of detainees, and pressure on the regime and opposition, to end the siege and release them, as quickly as possible.

The lawyer Sliman Ismail chairman of the Kurdish human rights in Syria \observe\, drew the fingers accusation to the Syria regime, in committing massacres against the detainees, from killing and burning in more than prison, as happened in the prison of Hasaka 1993, Sidnaya and others, and called all human rights organization and institutions, to move and intensify efforts to find out the detain conditions inside the prison, and uncovering the facts.