Clashes FSA And YPG in Aleppo And Til Temir

    Yesterday clashes erupted in Til Temir between YPG and armed groups. This occurred after an armed group had attacked a YPG checkpoint on the road between Til Temir and Heleb (Aleppo). The YPG responded to the attack and a gunfight erupted subsequently forcing the armed group to pull back. The number of injured/causalities is so far unknown.

    A Kurdish militia group that has maintained relatively fluid alliances during the 2-year-old Syrian conflict clashed with Free Syrian Army rebels on Friday. Several people were killed in the initial fighting, including an 8-year-old boy. Heavy gunfire and mortar attacks continued into the night.

Barzani Talks to Syrian Kurds

Welati reports that KRG president Masoud Barzani received the different Kurdish parties to discuss their internal problems and possibly about them joining the Syrian opposition. But the Progressive Party did not participate, and moreover the leadership of the People’s Council of West Kurdistan did not participate.

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Bridge Between Kurdistan Region & Kurdish Areas Of Syria

Life Bridge Ambulance crossing been completed building over the Tigris River that connects between Kurdistan Region of Iraq in points Vichabour and Kurdistan Syria in Saemalka area and estimated capacity of the bridge to carry 35 tons Estimated cost of the project about two million dollars in order to deliver aid and facilitate movement between the two sides