Today’s SOHR Update on Al-Hasaka Fighting

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights · al-Hasaka province: 35 fighters from the ISIS, al-Nusra front and some rebel factions were killed by violent clashes yesterday and the day before with YPG fighters in the perimeter of the Tal Kawjar (al-Ya’rubiya) and the villages of the Karki Laki (M’abda) and the Jal Agha (al-Jawadiya suburb).

13 YPG fighters were killed by the clashes in the perimeter of the villages of Karhouk, al-Yusufiya, al-Sadidiya, Msheirfa, Kharab Jeir and Rmeilan al-Basha as well as clashes in the perimeter of the Ras al-A’in city. Reports that YPG fighters seized several weapons and ammunition. YPG fighters targeted al-Nusra, ISIS and rebel headquarters in the mentioned areas.