No Agreement Yet to Stop Fighting Between Kurds and Islamists

KNC source told Welati that there is no agreement between the Muslim Brotherhood and the KNC to stop the fighting. There were claims that the KNC and Muslim Brotherhood agreed to form a joint committee and that the KNC asked the Muslim Brotherhood to help the KNC join the SNC.

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Fighting Continues Over Minnigh Airport Aleppo

Aymenn J Al-Tamimi@ajaltamimi

#Syria: Islamic State of #Iraq & ash-Sham continues to fight for Mannagh airport: claims to have destroyed two tanks 

The 47th@THE_47th

You can actually see rebels inside Minnigh airport, for the first time after besieging/fighting for over 678 years 

ANHA: Turkish authorities prevent aid going to Syrian Kurds

Hawar news: Turkish authorities prevent aid. –