Syria Audio Analysis: Did Saudi Arabia Bribe Russia To Break From Assad?

On Wednesday, Reuters claimed from “Syrian opposition sources close to Saudi Arabia” that the Saudis had offered Russia a a deal to break from Syria’s President Assad. Riyadh would buy $15 billion in Russian arms and promise not to challenge Russian gas sales to Europe. Scott Lucas EA.

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Aid Passes Turkish Border

8.8.2013 – Aid passes the Turkish border to Dirbêsî (Al-Darbasiyah) after 8 days of waiting. –

YPG Controls Six Tanks

The YPG said that based on the information from the 70 Syrian soldiers that fled to Afrin they captured another three tanks. This means they have five tanks in Afrin now and one in Ayn al-Arab. – Posted 1 hour ago by Wladimir van Wilgenburg /

‘Siege of Kobani’

Bad map of ‘siege on Kobani’ showing Ahrar al-Sham, FSA, and ISIS/JN blockade on the PYD/YPG in Ayn al-Arab.- Posted 2 hours ago by Wladimir van Wilgenburg / 

PUK Official Supports Border Opening

High-ranking PUK official Najmadin Karim says the border should be opened. Posted by Wladimir van Wilgenburg /