Accusations Against Azadi Party by Pro-PYD Media

Hawar News claims that the recent events shows that Azadi party of Mustafa Cummaa were involved in attacks against Kurds. On 12-8 several individuals affiliated to Azadi and an armed group were captured by the YPG. According to an Azadi statement the YPG raided the village, beat women, confiscated 7 weapons and ‘stole’ 15 million pounds, which a witness speaking to ANHA rejected as lies.


Seven Kurdish Parties Reject non-Kurdish Armed Groups in Kobani

Seven Kurdish parties reject entry of armed groups in Ayn al-Arab (Kobanî) and condemn looting against Kurdish properties:

1. Democratic Progressive Party (Slemani Bloc) – 2. Kurdish Democratic Party (Slemani bloc) – 3. Left Party (Slemani bloc)

4. Yekiti party of Kurdistan Syria(?) – 5. Azadi party -Mustafa Osso (Erbil bloc) – 6. Democratic Unity Party (Yekîtî – Erbil bloc)

7. Democratic Union Party (PYD – Qandil bloc) –