Yekiti & PYD-Head in Turkey

Secretary of Yekiti Party and Salih Muslim went to Turkey (Welati). Moreover, some claim leadership of Political Union in Turkey now. Another report of Welati says Salih Muslim will clarify YPG’s fight with the FSA/Islamist groups to Turkey. A report of Al Monitor suggested Erdogan called PYD ‘extremists’, so it’s surprising Turkey talks to the PYD.

Azadi-Head: Only Al Qaida Attacks Kurds

Welati: Mustafa Cummaa (Azadi) says FSA not involved in attacking Kurds. Only Al Qaida groups. He also denies Azadi involved in fighting against the YPG in Tel Ebyad. Azadi-head says Political Union not informed of Abdulhakim Bashar visit to Iran, but that without the approval of the KRG, Abdulhakim Bashar would not visit Iran. But he says the KDP-S is not planning to join the ‘Iran axis’ which supports Assad. – Posted by Wladimir van Wilgenburg