Deputy FSA Commander Against Siege

18.12.2013 – Deputy FSA commander Malik al-Kurdi claims in an interview with the Welati, that PYD arrested six officers of the FSA eight months ago and accuses PYD again to supporting the regime (which the PYD denies). He might be talking of members of the Kurdish FSA group Komale that allegedly disappeared when they wanted to go to the KRG through Rojava. He also condemns the embargo and arbitrary arrest of Kurds and calls on all side of Syrian opposition and PYD to release prisoners. He also claims that he is against the siege on Kurdish areas.

ISIS Releases Kurds After Kurdish Islamists ‘Intervene’

18-12-2013 – Welati reports that ISIS released hundreds of Kurds after intervention of the Kurdish Islamic Front led by Abu Abdullah. They were abducted from a village last friday. Nevertheless, still more than 50 Kurds in ISIS prisons, including women, form Manbij and Jarabulus country side on the grounds that they are supporters of the PYD. Nevertheless, ISIS continues with blockade on Kobani and Afrin and other Kurdish villages controlled by YPG. – Posted

Increased security presence in Qamishli

Increased visits of Syrian govt officials to Kurdish areas and increased security movements in Qamishli (or Qamislo). This also led to tensions between PYD and regime.