PYD & Kurdish Democratic Party of Syria will be working together

Monday, 23 September 2013  hawarnews – QAMIŞLO – Executives of Democratic Union Party (PYD) and Kurdish Democratic Party of Syria met in Qamişlo and decided to establish committees to do shared works.

Aldar Xelîl, Îlham Ehmed, Ebdulselam Ehmed, Hekem Xelo who are members of Kurdish High Council and co-chair of PYD Asya Abdullah, Cemal Şêx Baqî who is an executive of the Kurdish Democratic Party of Syria, member of political buero Ebdulmecîd Sebrî, and members of the central committee Cemal Hemo, Fethulah Hiso and Mîro Mîro attended the meeting. – Read more:

WATCH VIDEO : Salih Muslim Speech in Dortmund / Germany

Salih Muslim saying YPG doesnt only represent Syrian Kurds (Rojava), but every ‘part of Kurdistan’ (Sheikh Said, Mazlum Dogan, Qazi Mohammed, Seyid Riza, Barzani [Mullah Mustafa?]). –

Fresh clashes between YPG fighters and the ISIS

ANF – London 23.09.2013 – Clashes broke out after midnight in the southern Reef of Tarbat Sabiya city “al-Qahtaniya” (al-Hasaka province) between YPG fighters and the ISIS, al-Nusra and rebel fighters, says Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. There are confirmed reports that YPG fighters took hold of the Ghardouka village and the al-Burj area south of Ghardouka, reports also of casualties and injuries from the ISIS, al-Nusra and rebel fighters.

Exchange of bodies in Tel Ebyad

Close to Turkish border Exchange of bodies between YPG and Islamist armed groups in countryside of Tel Ebyad through intermediaries of the Kurdish National Council reports Welati.