Barzani: Need For Alternative For Assad That Recognizes Kurds

The President of Kurdistan region , Massoud Barzani confirmed on Tuesday the need to have an alternative to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad takes into account the democratic rights of the Kurds in Syria in “ the future” , While the international community has called for concerted efforts to face “terrorism” in the region and the world. –

FSA in Hasakah Against Kurdish Federalism

FSA’s Military Council in Hasakah says there is no Kurdish issue in Syria. FSA spokesperson: ” “We cannot accept any form of [Kurdish] federalism or anything called self-determination for the Kurds in Syria”. Nevertheless, he says they are not against Kurds.

Hevidar @iRevolt93 – Hasakah-FSA military council: Kurds never existed in Syria, they immigrated from Turkey. 

Seven Al-Parti Members Arrested in Jinderes by PYD ?

Wladimir @vvanwilgenburg – Monday, PYD’s Asayish claims to have arrested 7 Al-Parti members in Jinderes with guns preparing to sabotage ‘YPG’ …

KNC Condemns Arrest of Kurdish Politicians in Afrin

Yekiti media reports that Kurdish National Council condemns arrest of Al-Parti members in Qamishli.