Darwish: Agreement Includes All the Demands of the Kurds

Welati quotes Democratic Progressive Kurdish Party in Syria head Abdel Hamid Darwish who says the draft agreement between SNC-KNC includes all the demands of the Kurdish people. He also said the agreement has nothing to do with the US plan to target Assad positions in Syria and that he hopes they can convince Kurdish parties that are critical of the agreement. Moreover, he says Syrian National Coalition head agrees with the agreement.

Hevidar @iRevolt93  – Pêşverû’s Darweesh: KNC-NC deal will guarantee the Kurdish rights … Statement No. 4 by PUK proxy defending the deal –


Accusations Armed Groups Looting Kurdish Houses in Syria – Claims armed groups loot Kurdish houses in Tel Ebyad.


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@jabhatalnusrah  – #الدولة_الإسلامية_في_العراق_والشام (1) ISIS Public School in Aleppo #Syria – Sham Islamic Academy 2013/2014.