UN Watch Briefing – Issue 458 : In an ominous sign of appeasement, the UN and Switzerland — host of this week’s P5+1 nuclear talks with Iran — have covered up a historic carving (see photos below) in deference to Iran’s fundamentalist sensibilities. UN Watch is sounding the alarm, as reported just now in The Washington Beacon. It would seem that the same mullahs of Teheran who oversee the raping of male and female dissidents in prison, and who introduced a new law to allow step-fathers to “marry” their 13-year-old daughters, cannot allow their delegates to see a Michelangelo-inspired nude work of art from 1938.

October 14, 2013 5:40 pm

The United Nations European headquarters in Geneva has covered up a historic wall carving of a naked man to avoid offending the Iranian government on the eve of nuclear negotiations, the Tribune de Geneve reported today.

“The Creation of Man”, a marble carving which features a man reclining in the nude, has reportedly been covered with a curtain to accommodate the modest sensibilities of Iranian delegates.